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Illuminating Concepts has been helping local business owners manage technology for their company since 2006.  We work with businesses throughout the Adirondack Region, into Albany, NY as well as Burlington, VT. 

We specialize in a range of IT services that streamline operations and protect critical data including setting up computer networks, Microsoft 365, cybersecurity services, and offer remote support.

Our main focus is making sure your data is safe and secure from any outside threats.

With on-site service and online support, our technicians respond quickly and will simplify management for all your technology needs.



Why you should choose us

Being a smaller company has its perks over the larger competition.  When our customers have an issue, it is dealt with immediately and we aren't breaking your bank or charging you every time you call us with a 5 minute support request. 


Our team forms a personal relationship with customers that you don't see in the larger businesses.  Bottom line: We are local and we are always willing to go the extra mile to customize a solution that is right for your business needs.


We strive to spread cognizance to our customers and make them aware of the increasing vulnerabilities of computer networks.  All of our services revolve around networks, so it is imperative to provide a secure environment to the end users. 


Many companies don’t realize the threats that put them at risk when it comes to technology.  Ensuring our customers have a network that is safeguarded from potential malicious attacks is at the forefront of our priorities. 


Every month, the news releases stories about data breaches and people hacking into networks.  Taking the necessary steps to prevent that from happening to your company is critical in today’s modern tech era.

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