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Managed IT Services


Antivirus Software

[ Optimize Security & Production ]
Having trouble with your computer and think you might have a virus? We can clean out your computer and get rid of any intrusive software that could be the culprit. We’ll install antivirus software that will monitor your device’s security and protect it from malware and malicious programs.

Office 365

[ Boost Productivity ]
Install Office 365 and access your data from any location! No more worrying about emailing your documents to yourself to access them elsewhere. Your information will be stored on the cloud which offers a secure environment by encrypting your data. Cloud storage allows a secure off-site backup for your company’s data, accessing it anywhere on any smart device. Free up IT resources, reduce costs, and prevent loss due to fire, theft, or disaster.

Computer Maintenance

[ Gain Speed & Enhance Performance ]
Is your computer slower than a snail? No worries- we can clean up your PC and get rid of the junk that is taking up memory and hidden in the corners of your computer. We’ll also check the computer for important updates.
As a financial institution, communication between branches is at the top of our list! The team at Illuminating Concepts has put in place a telephone system that connects all our branches that is both reliable and easy to use. We enjoy working with Illuminating Concepts; they are friendly, easy to work with and provide excellent service.
- Cathy Staves, CEO, Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union
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